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Cooperate with "double hundred" centralized rectification inspection conscientiously implement safety production management

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On the morning of January 29, Du Xinfeng, deputy governor of Taihe District, accompanied by Wang Wenguang, director of the Taihe District Emergency Management Bureau, and Zhang Di, chief of the Taihe District Fire Department, took the relevant leaders of the Taihe District Work Safety Committee into the company to carry out the relevant inspection of the "double hundred" centralized rectification action in the production of Taihe District. Gao Hongjun, deputy general manager of the company, Wang Zhiyi, minister of the production department, received a group of Taihe leaders.

At the symposium, Gao Hongjun, the deputy general manager, reported the company's overall work deployment on the implementation of the "double hundred" action, and accompanied the company to visit the production site of chromium metal company and smelting chemical company.

Taihe district deputy district chief Du Xinfeng at the symposium pointed out that enterprises should combine the special safety action plan for three years, the "double hundred" taihe district safe production action plan for centralized control, strict implementation of safe production "a pair of responsibilities" system, promoting the construction of "double prevention" system, to set up the "four list" corrective closed-loop management implementation, not formal, must implement, pays special attention to the safety in production work earnestly.

Deputy general manager Gao Hongjun said, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the city Taihe District Safety Production Committee, combined with the actual situation of the company, earnestly implement the relevant work, comprehensively improve the company's safety production management level, really do, let employees happily go to work, safe and safe all go home.