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The company won the honorary title of jinzhou Meritorious Enterprise of 2018-2019

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On the morning of December 23, the flag-raising ceremony of the 2018-2019 merit enterprises in Jinzhou city was held in the square of Municipal Government. Flags fluttering high from one side to the other showed the strength and responsibility of merit-based enterprises. Gao Hongjun, deputy general manager of the company, participated in the commendation meeting on behalf of the company.

The evaluation of meritorious Enterprises was carried out by the specific leading group according to the "Jinzhou City Meritorious Enterprises Evaluation Method" and the "Jinzhou City Meritorious Enterprises Evaluation Method Implementation Rules". After four rounds of evaluation, 50 enterprises including our company were finally rated as the 2018-2019 meritorious enterprises. Wang Dejia, secretary of CPC Municipal Committee, attended the ceremony and announced to raise flags and award prizes for 50 meritorious enterprises. Mayor Yu Xueli in his speech on behalf of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government congratulations to all the meritorious service enterprises, the service enterprise for jinzhou thanked the contribution to the revitalization of development, the government will be a solid "six steady work six management", intensify policy support, as does the practical work of enterprises, solving problems, help enterprise development, drive the economic transformation.

This honor is the comprehensive inspection and evaluation of the enterprise, but also the affirmation and recognition of the company's performance in all aspects. Jinzhou Jixin will continue to implement the requirements of high-quality development, overcome difficulties, forge ahead with perseverance, and strive to make new achievements in promoting the high-quality development of Jinzhou.