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The tug-of-war competition with the theme of "Taurus celebrating the New Year by sailing against the wind and creating glory" ended successfully

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At 1:00pm on December 25th, the tug-of-war competition with the theme of "Welcome the New Year with Taurus, sail against the wind and create brilliance" was successfully opened in the staff cultural activity square, with 10 teams and 110 participants ready for action.

The tug-of-war competition a total of 6 men's teams, respectively, for the collection of high temperature first team, the collection of high temperature two team, metallurgical company team, bucket inspection rich team, slag metal chromium United, united team; There are 4 women teams, including staff canteen team, material inspection center team, agency team and joint team. According to the rules of the competition, the first, second and first place of the men's team and the women's team will be decided.

On the day of the competition, all teams and team leaders entered the arena in advance to warm up and talk about "tactics". The cheerleaders did the logistics work, preparing gloves and water for their team members.

At 1:00 PM, under the auspices of Xi Lei, vice minister of general management department, the tug-of-war competition themed as "Golden Bull New Year's Eve" began on time. The competition was divided into knockout and round-robin competitions. Knockout competitions were held first according to the rules of the competition, and the order of playing and the teams were determined by drawing lots. To the cheers of the crowd and cheerleaders, the game begins with players on both sides lunging on their back legs, clutching ropes, and trying to move behind their team as their leader commands them. Cheerleaders are more nervous, waving the hands of the small red flag, loudly Shouting "come on, come on", the scene is very lively, cheers, shouts gather together, the players grits their teeth, fight force insist. Finally the collection letter high temperature team one, the bucket inspection rich team, the metallurgical company team 3 men team won; Two women teams, the center team and the government office team, won.

After halftime, the five winning teams had a round match respectively. The first place of the men's team and the first place of the women's team in this match was won by the first place of the men's team and the first place of the women's team with the good physical quality of the players and the mature game tactics. The competition for the second place of the men's team is extremely fierce, there is a 1-1 draw in the round robin, and finally only through overtime to compete. Both team, after many games have been exhausted, but everybody to collective honor and victory, still insist on the stuffy strength, hold the rope, moving, the sweat dripped down the legs have been shaking numb, the game was once a stalemate, the indomitable fighting spirit of smelting company team won the game of the second.

After the match, Vice general manager Bi Yingwei, assistant general manager Chen Song and assistant general manager Tian Yile presented awards and congratulations to The First Team of Jixin High Temperature, the Inspection Center team (women's team) and the Metallurgy Company team.

The tug-of-war not only aroused employees' interest in physical exercise, but also strengthened the cooperative relationship between the teams, enhanced the collective sense of honor and cohesion, showed the employees' spirit of striving for progress, and laid a good foundation for their future hard work.