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Strengthen vocational skills and build a strong enterprise with talents

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On December 15, the liaoning Provincial Vocational Skills Training fund use assessment and investigation team composed by the provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, provincial Federation of Trade Unions, municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, municipal Federation of Trade Unions and other relevant leaders visited the company for investigation and guidance. General manager Tian Gang, general manager assistant Chen Song, General Manager General Manager Liu Qing, General Manager Assistant Feng Jigang and relevant responsible personnel accompanied the research group for discussion and investigation.

The evaluation research is for the further implementation of the related work of sichuan provincial committee of the deployment, and "difference" planning "advice", implement the provincial government and relevant departments establish vocational skills to promote action plan, enterprise stable hillock paperwork requirements such as special support plan, promote, actualize a powerful province of talent, innovation driven development strategy to further improve their vocational skills training the service efficiency of funds, improve vocational skills training effect, accelerate the knowledge, skilled, innovative staff team construction. The focus of the research is to evaluate and investigate the use and utilization of the company's vocational skill training fund and the use and utilization of the skill training fund for workers in the trade union system from January 2019 to October 2020.

Relevant personnel of the company made a brief report on the company's vocational skill training and promotion work, the development of labor skill competition among employees, and the use of union funds. The leaders of the research group inquired about the relevant content and listened to our suggestions on vocational skills improvement and training. Provincial research group leadership in recent years to the company invested a large amount of funds, and make full use of the superior department to give the staff training funds, actively build skills talent growth channel, in the staff rating, skills competition and reasonable suggestions to carry out a lot of work to give affirmation.

Tian Gang, the general manager of the company, said that the company will continue to improve the training system for employees, enhance the vocational skills of employees, and steadily promote the company's long-term development of talent and enterprise strategy.