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Provincial and municipal bureau of Statistics leaders in-depth company to carry out the "delivery method" discussion guidance work

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On December 9, Xu Feng, director of the law and Regulations Department of the Provincial Statistics Bureau, accompanied by He Handing, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, and Shi Shu, director of the Taihe District Bureau of Statistics, led the provincial and municipal statistical supervision staff to carry out a discussion and guidance on "sending statistical law into enterprises".

Gao Hongjun, deputy general manager of the company, Wang Zhiyi, minister of production and other relevant personnel received provincial and municipal bureau of Statistics leaders and accompanied the holding of door-to-door activities symposium.

At the symposium, Director Xu Feng introduced the main purpose of carrying out the door-to-door activities, hoping to expand the publicity of statistical law, while improving the importance of the publicity work of statistical law. In addition, Director Xu Feng pointed out that enterprises should ensure true and accurate data in statistical work, strengthen statistical business training efforts, on the basis of solid learning, vigorously improve the working ability of statisticians, adhere to seek truth from facts, improve the quality of enterprise statistical data.

Hong-jun gao, vice general manager the company to the production and business operation and statistical work situation has made the detailed introduction, illustrated in accordance with the law to deal with the importance of statistical work for enterprise, and said it would keep pace with The Times, constantly improve work method to try to improve the level of statistical work, to be true, complete, accurate, and timely report the enterprise production and management data, and organize regular statistical personnel training, improve the statistics personnel's professional accomplishment, to ensure the company's statistical work more on a stage.