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Tian Gang, general manager of the company, accompanied urban leaders to visit Guangxi Nanguo Copper Co., LTD

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On November 23, Vice Mayor Of Jinzhou Ma Haifeng, Party Secretary of Taihe District Wei Guo and other urban leaders, accompanied by general Manager Tian Gang, visited Nanguo Copper Industry Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Guangxi Southern Nonferrous Group. Zhou Nannan, chairman of South China Nonferrous Metals Group, Mo Zian, deputy general manager of The group, Yang Dexin, general manager of South China Copper Co., Ltd. and other relevant personnel gave warm reception.

City leadership under the guidance of southern nonferrous group chairman zhou south, visited the exhibition area, operating region, smelting area austral copper and the second phase of construction planning, and listen to the southern nonferrous group related personnel for the details of the work area, understand the color group development course, present situation and future planning, at the same time the company general manager gang tian to set high temperature refractory products in the group, each branch letter actual application situation of smelting equipment in a simple report.

Urban leaders fully affirmed the development direction and goal of Southern Nonferrous metals Group, praised the input and output in the early stage, and were very pleased that The high temperature resistant products of Jixin could be well applied in the production of Southern Nonferrous metals Group. Finally, the urban leaders said that Jinzhou Jixin, as the representative of jinzhou outstanding enterprises, won the honor for Jinzhou in the field of domestic non-ferrous smelting, the government will fully support our company and the company to strengthen cooperation, promote common development, mutual benefit and win-win.