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Chromium metal Company won 6S Site management group second prize

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On November 9, the award winner of jinzhou Metal Industry Trade Union Federation 2020 6S Field Management Competition was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of Jinzhou City Federation of Trade Unions, which lasted for nearly three months. In the commendation meeting, Jinzhou Jixin Chromium Metal Company won the second place in the group.

The competition is divided into two stages: written test and on-site rectification. The written test has improved the participants' understanding and theoretical level of 6S field management competition. The field rectification changes obviously, the achievement is remarkable. At the commendation meeting, PPT was used to reappear the great changes before and after the rectification of the operation site of each participating unit, and showed the gratifying achievements of 6S site management. Participating in 6S Field management competition not only improves the company's field management level, but also drives other aspects of basic management work, and effectively improves the staff's mental outlook and work site environment, laying a solid foundation for improving the corporate image and competitiveness.

In the contest as a turning point, the company will continue to carry out 6 s on-site management, continuously consolidate the existing results, improve the management level, gradually achieve the site management standardization, supplies put fixation, reservoir management orderly, safety management, the purpose of the normalized to from tangible to intangible management related work, promote the company site management work to achieve the above goal smoothly.