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The Forum of Gathering Vanadium forces in Jinxiu Prefecture contributes to industrial development

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-- Our company successfully co-hosted the 11th China Vanadium Industry Development Forum and Vanadium Industry Annual Conference

On November 4, solstice 6, the 2020 (11th) China vanadium industry development forum and vanadium industry annual conference was held in sheraton hotel jinzhou. This vanadium industry annual conference is hosted by China Ferroalloy online and co-hosted by Citic Jinzhou Metal Co., LTD and Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co., LTD. The industry elite of more than 50 vanadium processing enterprises and scientific research units, such as raw materials, iron vanadium, vanadium nitrogen alloy, iron vanadium nitride, vanadium aluminum alloy, vanadium electrolyte and metal vanadium, gathered together to discuss the great cause. With the purpose of "grasping the trend of the industry, studying the rules of the industry, putting forward industry Suggestions, maintaining the order of the industry, and promoting the development of the industry" as the purpose, and with the theme of "Collaborative integration, building the ecosystem of vanadium industry", this forum strives to promote the high-quality development of Vanadium industry in China.

Freedom forum promotes trade negotiation

On the afternoon of November 4, representatives from various enterprises arrived at the conference site one after another, and signed in and took pictures under the guidance of the staff, and got the materials. At the same time, the large screen of the venue will play the supply and demand information and publicity video of various enterprises, providing information reference for participating enterprises. The sign-in site was in full swing. We actively interacted, discussed the future development of the market and chatted about what we thought.

At 18 o 'clock in the evening, the awards dinner begins. According to different vanadium products and the nature of enterprises, a total of eight awards have been set up, and our company has been awarded "The best trustworthy supplier of Vanadium industry in China 2020". During the dinner, the guests searched for complementary business partners in the atmosphere of singing and dancing, and some enterprises reached preliminary cooperation intention on the spot, which sought more opportunities for the development of enterprises.

The topic speech seeks the enterprise development

At 9:00 a.m. on November 5th, the 11th China Vanadium Industry Development Forum and vanadium Industry Annual Conference was officially launched under the auspices of Our company Comrade Zhang Nan. Chai Feng I the vice general manager, assistant general manager Tian Yile attended the annual meeting, deputy general manager of citic jinzhou metal Liu Yuqiang and my company general manager assistant Tian Yile respectively the conference opening, tian said: warmly welcome the leaders and the coming of the corporate colleagues, jinzhou letter as important vanadium products production enterprise, will continue to focus on brand building, dedicated to upgrade, resource efficient green utilization of vanadium products and vanadium industry chain extension, at the same time in many other aspects of the relevant market and industry to do our best to play a coordinating role, to jointly promote the healthy and stable development of vanadium industry. Every vanadium enterprise should stand in the overall situation, look to the future, strengthen cooperation, go hand in hand!

After the speech, the topic speech began. First of all, Zhang Shiyuan, chief researcher of Southwest Securities, gave a wonderful explanation of the Development Trend of global Economic Situation after the Epidemic, and made a profound analysis of the global economy under the epidemic, the rapid consumption of the huge economic wealth accumulated in the world and the development of the global free economy and trade. Then, representatives of 10 domestic and foreign enterprises and scientific research units, such as Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Iron and Steel Research Institute, Chengdu Xingyun Science and Technology, Largo Resources Company, respectively, made reports and analyses on the development of the international vanadium market, the application of vanadium in steel and the establishment of vanadium and titanium industry digital RESEARCH and development system. I company sales manager assistant Kang Jun also "jinzhou collection letter vanadium industry development and the strategic thinking" in the speech, to my company the future direction of development, enterprise current situation and trend fully show the colleagues to attend, while improve enterprise external influence, and fully express the company wants to cooperate with related departments to good wishes.

We should strive for cooperation during the visit and investigation

On the morning of November 6, more than 60 industry representatives from more than 50 participating enterprises visited the metallurgical and chromium metal companies affiliated to our company. Chai Feng, deputy general manager, Tian Yile, assistant general manager and leaders of relevant units received warmly.

Guan Jinyu, assistant manager of Metallurgical company, led the guests to visit the raw material area, leaching workshop, melting workshop, precipitation workshop and waste water workshop of Metallurgical company, and introduced the production process of vanadium products and the use of individual equipment. Subsequently, Zhang Zhixiang, manager of Chromium Metal Company, led the customer to the smelting workshop of chromium metal Company and introduced the production situation of our company's metal chromium to the customer.

Neat production site, advanced production technology has been the customer's praise. The customers showed great interest in the melting furnace production and paid close attention to the chrome metal products. They frequently asked questions, examined them carefully and took out their mobile phones to take pictures. The arrival of participants at the vanadium summit is not only a recognition of our company's position in the industry, but also an opportunity to deepen our cooperation and exchanges. The 3-day Vanadium Industry Development Forum and vanadium Industry Annual meeting has been successfully concluded.

Under the new situation of rapid development of global economy, a healthy and benign development of an industry cannot be separated from the pragmatic and progressive efforts of every practitioner. Jinzhou Jixin will forge ahead with every practitioner of vanadium industry to build a brilliant future together and make due contributions to the development of vanadium industry.