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Jixin high temperature won the third prize of professional group in Liaoning Province Workers innovation Competition

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From October 27th to 28th, the liaoning Province Workers' Skill competition and The Province's workers' Innovation Competition officially kicked off. Zhao Pengda, chief engineer of Jixin High Temperature, participated in the competition. The competition consists of two groups: professional group and staff group. The competition lasts for two days and is held in the library of Liaoning University of Technology.

This competition is jointly sponsored by Liaoning Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and Liaoning Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security. All the participating projects are recommended to the provincial Trade union by the municipal trade union, and then reviewed online by experts organized by the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions. At the same time, field visits are conducted to all the participating units. There were 232 entries in the professional group of Liaoning Province. Our company successfully passed the preliminary contest and entered the semi-finals. The semi-finals entered 40 teams in the professional group.

On the morning of October 27, the final of Liaoning Province Workers' Innovation Competition officially began. Zhao Pengda, senior engineer of Jixin High temperature, presented all aspects of his projects to expert judges through carefully prepared, repeatedly revised PPT and on-site defense, and successfully entered the final. On the afternoon of 28th, the finals began. Our company's wonderful road show and defense explanation won unanimous recognition and high praise from on-site evaluation experts. Finally, our company's project "Preparation of Chromium Carbide and Fused Fused Corundum from Waste Residue of Metal Chromium smelting" won the ninth place in the finals and won the third prize in the professional group of the competition. On Oct. 29, the award ceremony was held in the library of Liaoning University of Technology.