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Liaoning Provincial Office of Emergency management leadership in-depth my company to carry out hidden safety production screening

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On October 14, the liaoning province emergency manage hall tzu wei, deputy director of the manufacturing equipment in changsha Xu Jinyou commissioner of metallurgical industry and trade in jinzhou city emergency management agency (fema) oh seung hyun, taihe area emergency administration wen-guang wang, with provincial, municipal for production safety experts and related special leadership into my company to carry out the safety in production "three years action plan" to guide and "double random" hidden perils in safety in production work.

Gao Hongjun, deputy general manager of the company, wang Zhiyi, the minister of production received Sha Zhiwei, director of the manufacturing and equipment Department of the Provincial Emergency management Office, and accompanied him to visit the production and operation site of chromium metal company and barrel industry company, and then went to the office building and conference room for a working meeting.

ShaZhiWei director in the work conference pointed out that the enterprise must strengthen the safe production of the rule of law education, improve the overall law-abiding consciousness, establish self-discipline, continuously improve the safety in production of endogenous mechanisms, establish enterprise internal production safety assessment mechanism, promote the job of production safety responsibility in place, practical and effective to do a good job of production safety hidden perils.

Deputy general manager Gao Hongjun said that the guidance service team will lose no time to solve the hidden problems in the work, the establishment of files, supervision and rectification, follow-up implementation, to ensure that the inspection and rectification in place, timely elimination of hidden problems, improve the management system of production safety, to ensure smooth work safety.