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Jinzhou Jixin "Harmony Cup" basketball invitational tournament successfully concluded

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Recreational and sports activities set the heart together, basketball competition ignited the passion. In order to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the motherland and create a harmonious regional culture, the company held the "Harmony Cup" basketball invitational tournament. Citic Jinzhou Metal, CITIC Titanium industry, Bohai Cement team was invited to participate in the competition.

On September 21st, the opening ceremony of Jinzhou Jixin "Harmony Cup" basketball invitational tournament was grandly unveiled in the staff culture Square. The bright five-star red flag, jinzhou Jixin Company flag and the blue tournament flag of this match fluttered in the wind above the square. The bright background was painted with a curtain, attracting people's attention. From the contestants to the cheerleaders and the crowd, everyone was full of enthusiasm and excitement.

Attend the opening ceremony of leadership are: citic jinzhou metal co., LTD., secretary of discipline inspection commission, trade union chairman Qin Shuqiang, citic titanium industry co., LTD., li-wei wang, vice President of the union of bohai sea tie-jun liu cement (huludao) co., LTD., general manager, the bohai sea cement (jinzhou) co., LTD., general manager of Bruce lee, jinzhou letter BiYingWei industrial co., LTD., deputy general manager, deputy general manager assistant Chen Song hong-jun gao, general manager and general manager assistant Tian Yile. At the opening ceremony, bi Yingwei, deputy general manager of the company, made an important speech. He said: under the strong support of tian Gang, general manager of the company, and the leaders of all participating brother units, the grand basketball invitational tournament is a positive action in response to the national national fitness campaign, and is an important measure to reflect the harmonious spirit of the majority of employees. At the same time, it shows the employees' energetic, pioneering and enterprising, courageous and optimistic attitude towards life. All the members of the competition will be out of style, out of the level of competition, deepen the friendship between each other, reflect the deep feelings of a family jin Tie.

In order to ensure fair and fair competition, make the competition more standardized and the results more authoritative, the company specially invited professional referees as judges. The four basketball players line up neatly, contestants and alternate players are all smug, ready to start, they are full of confidence and strength to win.

The four teams continued to compete in three rounds, the whole process of the game is extremely tense and intense. On the field, the players fall over each other, lively and vigorous, the two sides you fight for me, running like flying, fully reflects the team's unity and cooperation ability and the competitive level of the players. Some players run sweat, also some players tired panting, some players fell down, immediately stood up into the fierce competition, they this kind of "light injury no line" infirm spirit, moved the audience, applause, cheerleading "come on! Come on!" The whole scene was filled with joy and laughter.

After three days of intense competition, the "Harmony Cup" basketball invitational tournament was successfully concluded on the afternoon of September 27. Citic Jinzhou Metal team won the championship with three wins, citic Titanium team won the second place with two wins, and Jinzhou Jixin team and Bohai Cement team won the winning award. Bi Yingwei, vice general manager of Jinzhou Jixin, Bruce Lee, general manager of Bohai Cement, Dong Liqing, Secretary of Discipline Inspection committee of CITIC Titanium Industry and chairman of the Trade Union, Qin Shuqiang, secretary of Discipline inspection Committee of Citic Jinzhou Metal Industry and chairman of the trade Union, presented awards and took photos for them respectively, and signed their names on the background curtain as a souvenir.

The competition is not only a spiritual feast that staff have been looking forward to for a long time, but also a visual feast for the eyes. Not only can improve the physical quality of employees, enhance everyone's team spirit and collective sense of honor, but also can enhance the cohesion and centripetal force between enterprises. Everyone agreed to take the basketball contest as an opportunity to a strong body and full of spirit into the work.