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Our company was invited to attend jinzhou metallurgical industry transformation and upgrading seminar

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On August 25, 2020, the "Jinzhou Metallurgical Industry Transformation and Upgrading Seminar" sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology was formally held. The participants of the seminar mainly included: Vice Mayor An Jinxiang, Director Of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology Zhu Xudong, Chief of Taihe District Tong Shengqiang and other relevant leaders. Experts from shenyang Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northeastern University, Liaoning University of Technology, Bohai University and other scientific research institutions; Technical management personnel of six metallurgical industry related enterprises in Taihe District.

Day morning, the city technology bureau chief of puzzles and come to my company on-the-spot investigation, experts attending the meeting, vice general manager Zhao Pengda hong-jun gao, general manager assistant Chen Song, senior engineer and others accompanied visit and detailed introduces the research and development, production and management situation, puzzles, director of the industrial pattern and relevant experts to my company gives full affirmation.

On the afternoon of the same day, Vice Mayor An Jinxiang and the participants held a discussion on the transformation and upgrading of metallurgical industry in Jinzhou city. Representatives of various enterprises exchanged views and in-depth discussions with experts of scientific research institutions. The discussion greatly promoted the docking of technological achievements of scientific research institutions and the needs of enterprises.

Vice city changan jin xiang said: in the end, the jinzhou city mainly for the traditional industry, metallurgical industry, to go to the development of an enterprise, in the front of the industry, will face the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, and relevant government departments will actively to bridge between enterprises and universities, hope this seminar in promoting transformation of scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities at the same time help in jinzhou city metallurgical industry related enterprise transformation and upgrading of products.