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The absence of the main force to fight to the end

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-- "Jinzhou Jixin" football Team won the second place in 2020 Jinzhou Football Association Cup (eight-player system)

On September 8, 2020, jinzhou Football Association Cup 2020 (eight-a-side) concluded. With 64 teams, 893 players and 128 competitive matches, Jinzhou Jixin Football Team overcame all the difficulties and won the second place in this football match.

Since the beginning of the tournament, Jinzhou Jixin Football Team has gone through 4 knockout matches: the first knockout match on August 27, in which dingmu Team 2 was eliminated 1:0 and entered the round of 16; On August 30, the second knockout game, 3:1 eliminated Linhai Zhenxing team into the eight; The third knockout, 3:0 out of the high speed league team into the final four; On September 1, the fourth knockout game, 4:1 out of jinzhou team brave to enter the final.

At 18 o 'clock on September 8th, two football teams of Jinzhou Jixin and Jinzhou Port finally started the championship battle. Tian Gang, general manager, Bi Yingwei, Deputy general manager, Gao Hongjun, Assistant general manager Chen Song and relevant leaders of the comprehensive management department came to the scene to cheer.

Jinzhou port, the game except 1 player out for the full play, and our team personnel not entire, captain Liu Yujian, attack the main sponsors Chen Xuezhe, defender who were suspended for three big main force can't play, wang attended in teams and a sub XiaoYu debut is brimming with a knee injury, we have a "feel" the game, but we also have to strive for, never-say-die spirit.

Final after the grand opening ceremony of the smooth start, 11 minutes in the first half, jinzhou port 1 points first, but our team withstood the pressure each other pre-emptive attack many times, and at the age of 24 minutes, "kind of" combination of back field, our goalkeeper HeYingShuai (bear) the long ball directly to Han Tianyuan (tiger), back rub after Han Tianyuan header, the atmosphere is tense and matched. In the second half our substitute Ji Haitao came on the scene, and other players work together, common defense. The 48th minute, jinzhou port into a ball again, our stable mood, adjust strategy, to create scoring opportunities for many times, and for the powerful mental pressure caused by the two sides stalemate for a long time, finally "jinzhou collection letter" in the case of a lack of first team football team, indomitable, with perseverance and courage to fight to the last minute, only by a narrow gap. 2020 jinzhou city second fa cup football match.

This football match is not only a contest of skills and abilities, but also a concentrated expression of the team members' unity, striving for the common goal and tenacious fighting spirit. Although the football match of 2020 Jinzhou City Football Association Cup has been regretful, but we will hearten up the spirit to regroup, condensates the heart to gather the strength again next year.