Ren Jun, deputy mayor of The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, went into our company for investigation

On July 28, 2020, the standing committee of the municipal party committee, deputy mayor Ren Jun led tax bureau, bureau of finance, people club bureau and emergency bureau, construction bureau, bureau of industry and business bureau, financial bureau,, taihe district, a line of thorough research, understand the enterprise return to work, to the enterprise urgently needs to solve the practical difficulties to arrange related departments field office for assistance. General manager Tian Gang accompanied by leaders of relevant units of the company for the discussion.

General Manager Tian Gang briefly introduced the company's operation and completion of major economic indicators from January to June, as well as the major work arrangements for the second half of the year since 2020 when the company was affected by the epidemic. He also put forward the urgent problems that the company needs to solve at present and put forward Suggestions for related problems. The competent departments of municipal and district governments give answers and help to the questions raised on the spot. At last, Vice Mayor Ren Jun made a speech on the construction of industry association advocated by our company's leaders and the "four stability" (stability of production and operation; Stability of the staff; The stability of employees' wages; The stable attitude of employees' welfare and welfare, and the sense of responsibility of the society and the community around the enterprise were highly appraised.

The situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is still grim. We should resolutely guard the bottom line of people's livelihood, stabilize the private enterprise economy, and maintain the sustained and healthy economic development and overall social harmony and stability of the Whole Tanghezi Park, said Ren jun, the vice mayor. The administrative departments of governments at all levels earnestly implement national policies, do solid and detailed basic work, actively strive for them, and achieve precise and effective coordination. In view of the practical problems proposed by Jinzhou Jixin Company that need to be solved with the help of the government, the administrative departments at all levels of the municipal government should organize research and investigation, and provide implementation Suggestions for the district government, so as to solve the actual difficulties of the enterprise.

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The company was invited to participate in the national well-known private enterprises to help Liaoning comprehensively revitalize the new breakthrough high-end summit - metallurgical new material industry development special activities

On August 3, the national well-known private enterprises to help Liaoning comprehensively revitalize the new breakthrough high-end summit - metallurgical new material industry development special event was held in Shenyang. The event was sponsored by Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Liaoning Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, National Federation of Industry and Commerce Economic Service Department and Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce, Jinzhou Municipal People's Government, chaired by the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Party Secretary, Director Hu Yichong.

Tong Shengqiang, deputy secretary of Taihe District Party Committee, visited the company for research and guidance

On August 16, TongShengqiang, deputy secretary of the Taihe District Party Committee and district Governor, and Xia Dong, director of the District Industry and Information Bureau, visited the company to investigate and guide the work. Chen Song, deputy general manager of the company, accompanied the relevant leaders of the comprehensive management department, the finance Department and the production Department.