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Provincial science and Technology department leaders visit our company for research

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On the morning of June 4th, Wang Xuelai, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of Liaoning Province, Yu Danmei, director of the Social Development Department and other 6 people, accompanied by Zhu Xudong, director of jinzhou Science and Technology Bureau and Liu Liang, deputy director of jinzhou City, visited the high temperature electric furnace workshop and the burning workshop of Jixin. Bi Yingwei, deputy general manager of the company, Gao Hongjun, general manager assistant and General manager of Jixin High Temperature, Zhao Pengda, researcher of Jixin high temperature, and other four people accompanied the company to investigate and visit.

At the production site, provincial leaders inquired about the relevant products and production process, and our company leaders answered one by one, and introduced the company has been committed to the treatment of industrial solid waste residue - aluminum chrome slag main work. The main project of Jixin high-temperature co., LTD, which is developing chromium carbide by vacuum method, is emphatically reported. If the project is successful, the whole industrial chain will be gradually expanded, and the closed-loop industrial structure will be formed with the resource of aluminum chromium residue as the core. In this structure, the output of industrial waste is zero and the social and economic benefits are maximized.

After listening to the introduction, the leaders of the provincial department expressed great interest in the projects being studied and would give support in the future in the declaration of projects and other aspects.