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Liaoning Provincial Emergency management Office leaders in-depth our company to carry out the safe production of hazardous chemicals guidance

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On July 1st, Accompanied by Cao Wangda, full-time deputy director of Jinzhou Anzhuo Office, and He Zhenkuan, director of Taihe District Emergency Management Bureau, Zhang Liang, director of The Dangerous chemical Department of Liaoning Provincial Emergency Management Department, led provincial and municipal experts and relevant leaders to carry out expert guidance service of dangerous chemical safety production in our company.

Jin Feng, deputy general manager of the company, and Han Leng, head of the production department, received Zhang Liang, director of the Danger Department of the Provincial Emergency Management Office, and accompanied them to visit the production and operation site of metallurgical Company, and appointed the company's professionals to cooperate with the work of the expert group.

Zhang Liang pointed out in the meeting that enterprises should change their thinking and understanding, and take this as an opportunity to carefully check the potential accidents, establish a strong sense of responsibility, improve the level of professional technology, find problems, eliminate hidden dangers, and do a good job in the safe production of hazardous chemicals.

Deputy general manager Jin Feng said that the guidance service team pointed out in the work of the hidden problems, we must earnestly implement the rectification, draw lessons from one example and make up the weak points of the enterprise, comprehensively improve the level of enterprise safety management.