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District leaders visit the company to express condolences

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The New Year is coming. On January 19, 2020, wei guo, secretary of the CPC taihe district party committee and his delegation visited our company to express condolences, and sent the New Year wishes and money to the enterprise.
Company general manager tian gang, general manager assistant Chen song, tian yile received taihe district leaders. District party secretary wei guo learned about the production, operation and management of the enterprise and asked about the difficulties and problems encountered in the development process. On behalf of the district party committee and district government, he thanked our company for its contribution to the economic and social development of taihe district and extended festive greetings and New Year wishes to the cadres and workers of the enterprise. Tian gang, general manager of the company, briefly introduced the company's development in 2019, as well as its development ideas and existing problems in 2020. Taihe district leaders said, the district party committee, the district government and all departments will as always vigorously support the development of non-public enterprises, to create a good development environment, continue to increase the guidance and support, and strive to solve problems for enterprises. In the New Year, I hope that the enterprise firm development confidence, firmly grasp the development opportunities, adhere to innovative development, continue to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, and jointly promote taihe economic and social development to a new level.