We will spare no effort to win the fight against the epidemic

This is a war without the smoke of war, new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic rampant, epidemic prevention is urgent, the epidemic is the command, the prevention and control is the responsibility.
On January 23, 2020, the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus continued to spread, and the wuhan - han corridor was temporarily closed. On January 26, the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus was under severe control, and liaoning province launched a level-i response to a major public health emergency. Jinzhou city emergency management agency to release the liao emergency disease < 2020 > no. 1 files, gang tian company general manager, deputy general manager of caxa, attaches great importance to the organization held a special meeting immediately, established the leading group for epidemic prevention emergency command, and emergency issued a "jinzhou collection letter industrial co., LTD. To cope with the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak of emergency plan, to the life safety of the employees in the first place, efforts to epidemic prevention and control work with the staff.
The leaders of the company require the company to be prepared for the "long-term war of resistance", to carry out responsibilities, to refine work, to strictly guard against and defend, to resolutely win the outbreak prevention and control war, and to ensure the safety and stability of the company.
To do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the company in accordance with the general office of the state council issued in 2020 to extend the lunar New Year holiday notice, to extend staff holiday until February 2, and the first time to arrange personnel to the company all staff member of holiday travel and personnel flow condition of illness, and forward relevant personal protective knowledge for all employees continuously learning, and urge its keep under observation that occupy the home, less flow basic measures that prevent the spread of disease. In order to further strengthen the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic, effectively reduce personnel gathering, stop the spread of the epidemic, and better protect the life and health of the majority of employees, according to the notice of the provincial and municipal government, the company will implement flexible working mode during February 3 solstice 9. With the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to ensure the safety of employees, the company in spite of the loss of the company, on February 9, February 16 again issued the notice of delayed resumption of work, the implementation of flexible office during the delayed resumption of work.
The company immediately required all office places and office facilities to be regularly sterilized once a day. Strengthen guard prevention and control management: all employees must wear masks and other protective equipment; Disinfect all incoming and outgoing vehicles; Outsiders must register their real names and keep their contact information. Except for production and delivery, other personnel shall not enter the factory, and delivery drivers shall not leave the vehicle during the unloading process. Personnel entering the plant must accept temperature testing, disinfection and other treatment, and wear protective facilities before entering the plant.
The management of prevention and control in the canteen has been upgraded. In addition to normal daily disinfection, canteen staff wear disposable gloves in addition to masks. The dining way is changed to staff bring their own dressers, to the canteen after the meal, back to the post to eat. During the outbreak, employees were encouraged to bring their own meals.
In order to cope with the new outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia, on January 29, district chief tong shengqiang led a team to our company to inspect the prevention and control of the new outbreak of coronavirus. He stressed that we should attach great importance to and make careful arrangements for the health and safety of the people and take a highly responsible attitude towards them. We should stand ready for battle, guard against and guard against them, work together to ensure the implementation of prevention and control measures, and work together to help the prevention and control of the epidemic in the whole region.
During the epidemic prevention and control period, the company has been producing units for special reasons and technical production requirements. On the premise of ensuring the safety of employees, the company has successfully completed the set production objectives. Property management company in the factory and office buildings to ensure the premise of disinfection, the whole ferroalloy residential corridor was thoroughly disinfected.
Help each other, mutual care, February 12 in the afternoon, taihe area district party committee, the district government held the epidemic prevention and control of corporate donation ceremony, secretary wei issued initiative, deputy general manager in the company BiYingWei on behalf of jinzhou collection letter industrial co., LTD to taihe district Red Cross donation of 100000 yuan, used in hubei, wuhan, yichang and jinzhou in hubei medical rescue team epidemic prevention and control of the security work.
The spark, the warm winter, the battle against the epidemic, regardless of you and me. The prevention and control of the epidemic test us, fight against the epidemic, we can not take any chances, we must be sober and calm. Only unity can form a joint effort to defeat the epidemic. Believe that the wind and rain will pass! Come on, wuhan! China, come on!