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Liu Wei, Vice Mayor of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, went deep into our company's research

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On the morning of July 2, 2019, Liu Wei, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of the Municipal Party Committee, led a team of 10 leaders from Taihe District Government, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Bohai University to conduct in-depth research in our company. General Manager Tian Gang, Assistant General Manager, General Manager Gao Hongjun, Assistant General Manager of Jixin High Temperature, and Assistant General Manager Chen Song accompanied him to visit Jixin High Temperature Production Site and held a discussion with it.

General Tian briefly introduced the development history and basic situation of our company and the operation of Jixin High Temperature. High managers put forward three requirements from the technical requirements: first, the upgrading of old products; second, the transformation of raw materials to products; third, the transformation of metal chromium and vanadium to high purity. Fang Hongzhi, vice-president of Bohai University, said that technology needs should be oriented to maximize profits, serve local areas and give back to society. Xie Li, Vice District Director of Taihe District, and Zhu Xudong, Director of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, spoke at the Symposium and said that they would actively strive to promote the cooperation. Finally, Vice Mayor Liu Wei made a speech, giving a high appraisal of our company's factory environment and staff style, as well as the sense of responsibility, spirit of responsibility and enterprise sentiment of the company's leadership. He hoped that both sides would gather breakthroughs in science and technology and incubate projects so as to make the company grow rapidly and sustainably. It is requested that a preparatory working group be set up and that the Quartet work together to facilitate this cooperation as soon as possible.