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Leaders of Provincial Science and Technology Department visited our company for investigation and research

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On the morning of June 27, 2019, three people from Du Binghai, deputy director of Liaoning Science and Technology Department, accompanied by Zhu Xudong, director of Jinzhou Science and Technology Bureau, came to our company to investigate the innovation situation of Jixin in recent years. Vice General Manager Bi Yingwei, Assistant General Manager and General Manager Gao Hongjun of Jixin High Temperature received the warm reception.

During the discussion, Vice General Manager Bi Yingwei briefed Jixin on the investment of research funds, cooperation with universities, introduction of high-end talents and research projects in recent years. Meanwhile, he introduced the intention of the Institute of New Materials to cooperate with Bohai University. Vice Minister of Finance Yu Jun introduced the collection of research projects and R&D economy. Fee input, enjoyment of relevant preferential tax policies, etc.