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General Manager Tian Gang represented our company at the Cooperation Fair with Bohai University

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On the afternoon of June 19, 2019, organized by the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, our company and Bohai University held a cooperation Fair on the campus of Bohai University. Zhu Xudong, Director of Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Tian Gang, General Manager of the company, and Zhao Hui, President of Bohai University attended the meeting.

Director Zhu Xudong briefly introduced the significance of the cooperation platform for enterprises and universities. General Tian introduced the development history of our company and some basic information. President Zhao Hui introduced the desire and direction of cooperation with our company. At the conference, Bohai University hopes to do something practical for enterprises in innovation, and also hope that enterprises can provide practice platform and employment posts for University students. Our company hopes that the two sides will cooperate in the field of new materials, share resources and enhance the innovation power of enterprises.

After the conference, a group of people visited the laboratory of Bohai University Science and Technology Laboratory Building and the new material research and development platform of the University Science and Technology Park.

Also attending the fair are Vice General Manager Bi Yingwei, Assistant General Manager, Jixin High Temperature General Manager Gao Hongjun, Chief Engineer Zhu Yuqian; Vice President Fang Hongzhi of Bohai University, Director of Science and Technology Department Li Fengying, Secretary of Institute of Technology Wang Wenchi, Vice Professor Fu Ying of Institute of Technology; Vice Director Zhang Jiguang of Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, and other relevant office leaders. Guide.