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Jinzhou Jixin Pyromaterials Co.,Ltd

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Established in 2011, Jinzhou Jixin Pyromaterial Co.,Ltd,or JJPC,as a fully-owned subsidiary of Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co.,Ltd,is a hi-tech enterprise with close integration of scientific research and production.Located in Tanghezi Industrial Park,Liaoning province, with registered capital 20.04 mln RMB, JJPC has 104 associates with an excellent R&D team,3 of which are holders with senior professional title and 9 with intermediate title. JJPC certified ISO 9001:2015 management system in September,2017.

JJPC has the advanced facilities with annual 10kts refractory product and 20kts material respectively including 4 sets of bogie kilns and a large dumping furnace etc.,as well as the competence of design for linings of industrial furnaces or kilns and construction of related auxiliary projects.It offers a range of chrome-alumina refractories with fused corundum,chrome alumina and varieties of chrome-alumina bricks,which are widely used in furances and kilns in industries such as nonferrous and steelmaking and glassmaking etc.The products has been sold into more than 20 domestic regions with more than 300 customers.

JJPC possesses invention of 8 patents with proprietary IPR.It also wonthe excellent enterprise awards of 7th and 8th sessions of  China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition,was ranked National Hi-tech Enterprise,Gazelle Enterprise of Liaoning province and Provincial Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise.Additionally,JJPC has been winning  Provincial and Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress Awards for successive years.

JJPC presided over the establishment of Liaoning Province Strategic Allianceof Industrial Technology Innovation for Comprehensive Utilization of Metallurgical Slags, Liaoning Jixin Industry-University-Research Institute Alliance for Recycling of Slag from Chrome Smelting,and Liaoning Innovation Platform for Industry Technology of Comprehensive Utilization of Metallurgical Slags,Jinzhou Municipal Enterprise Center.Furthermore,JJPC has been undertaking many provincial and municipal programs for sci-tech development for years.

Anyway,to dedicated itself to the provincial sci-tech development by unremitting effort,JJPC always adheres to promoting product quality upgrading through sci-tech innovation and devotes itself to recycling solid waste from chrome smelting on the cooperation of industry-university-research institute with famous institutes of higher education and science research such as Northeastern University,Wuhan Sci-Tech University,Liaoning Sci-Tech University and Liaoning University of Technology.