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The company holds 2019 working conference and 2018 annual commendation Conference

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On April 2, the 2019 Work Conference and the 2018 Annual Recognition Conference of Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. was solemnly held on the second floor of the staff canteen. Members of the company's leadership team were seated at the rostrum, and nearly 200 employees from all units of the company participated in the meeting. Bi Yingwei, deputy general manager of the company, presided over the conference.

On the red curtain, "Annual Work and Recognition Conference" is particularly striking. Flowers are in full bloom in front of the rostrum, green plants are planted, and awardees are seated neatly in ribbons. The whole venue is solemn and solemn. At 9 a.m., the meeting opened on time. All the participants listened carefully to the work report of General Manager Tian Gang. The report briefly reviews the company's 16-year development process, summarizes and affirms the achievements of the company's various work in 2018, comprehensively analyses the grim situation facing the company at present, and clarifies the goal of the struggle in 2019 and the direction of future efforts. According to the report, the guiding ideology of production and operation work in 2019 is to maximize production capacity and offset the adverse effects of profit reduction factors with increments. The company's business objective in 2019 is to achieve a total industrial output value of 640 million yuan and sales revenue of 700 million yuan.

In order to ensure the smooth realization of business objectives, the report has made an overall arrangement for the work in 2019 from eight aspects. First, we will fully implement the guiding ideology of production and operation in 2019 and make every effort to achieve the annual budget target. Second, focusing on the rapid promotion of chromium calcination kiln and vanadium rotary kiln project, we will conscientiously do a good job of the 2019 project and reproduce the speed of collecting information. Third, we should intensify technological transformation, continuously improve equipment level and actively do environmental protection and safety work. Fourth, accelerate the process of joint venture and cooperation projects, actively seek partners, and cultivate new economic growth points of the company. Fifthly, we should pay close attention to site management, do a good job of greening and beautifying the factory area, and speed up the pace of building garden-style factories. Sixth, we should continue to improve the management of the "two systems", give full play to the functions of various departments, and constantly improve the management level. Seventh, we should do a good job in Party building in non-public enterprises, give full play to the leading role of Party branches and Party members, educate and guide staff to continuously improve their overall quality, and promote the rapid development of enterprises. Eighth, continue to do a good job in import and export business, and create good results in import and export business; continue to improve the long-term planning and implementation of Xintai and Huanren Longxiang Island in Liaoning, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; continue to do a good job in policy research and utilization.

The conference honored 33 outstanding managers, excellent employees and best research team who won the 2018 Special Contribution Award, Model Managers and Model Employees.

Major leaders of Production Department, Enterprise Management Department, Metallurgical Company, Chengan Barrel Industry Company and representatives of model employees made statements at the meeting, expressing that they earnestly implement the spirit of the meeting, strive to complete their work tasks in 2019, base themselves on their positions and make new contributions.

At 11 o'clock, the General Assembly successfully concluded in an atmosphere of unity and progress.

The conference unified ideas, stimulated strength, set goals, formulated measures and commended the advanced. The Congress is interwoven with honor and responsibility, embodies trust and hope, carries incentives and struggles, and points out the way forward for all employees. The conference calls on all units and departments to use the spirit of the conference to unify staff's thoughts and actions, fully mobilize staff's enthusiasm, maintain excellent work style and correct and powerful execution, strengthen confidence, work with one heart and one mind, really grasp solid work, firmly promote the progress of all kinds of work, turn tasks into actions, and turn aspirations into reality. In fact, to create a better tomorrow Jinzhou Jixin unremitting struggle.