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The company held a conference on publicity and reporting

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On the afternoon of April 23, 2019, the company held the Summary Conference of Propaganda and Reporting in 2019 and 2018 in Conference Room 1. Vice General Manager Bi Yingwei attended the meeting and made a speech. Nearly 30 leaders and correspondents in charge of propaganda and reporting from various units participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Liu Liping, Minister of General Affairs.

The conference summarized the publicity and reporting work in 2018 and made overall arrangements for the publicity and reporting work in 2019. The conference form awards the outstanding units and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in publicity and reporting in 2018. The barrel inspection company represents the excellent collective, and the production department staff clothes and jade represents the outstanding individual to deliver the award-winning speech at the meeting. Vice President Bi Yingwei made a concluding speech.

Bi pointed out that all units should improve the awareness of publicity and reporting work, regard this work as an important thing to grasp, give full play to the role of publicity and reporting, actively tap and be good at summing up the shining points in work, and disseminate positive energy, so as to cultivate employees'diligence and upward, stubborn and studious dedication, and guide staff. Workers should establish a correct outlook on life. The propaganda departments should give full play to the role of the existing propaganda positions such as internal magazines, intranets, propaganda boards and display screens, and intensify propaganda and reporting efforts. At the same time, efforts should be made to promote Wechat public numbers, so that Wechat public numbers can become an important means and the most convenient channel for the outside world to get to know the company.

Bi always requests that internal journals should pay attention to the diversity and flexibility of the layout, the richness and readability of the content, and work hard on the quality of the articles to keep pace with the top quality internal journals. Efforts should be made to create a good atmosphere for all staff to participate in publicity and reporting. Leaders of all units should take the lead in setting a good example and take the initiative to pick up the pen to provide in-depth theoretical articles or successful experience for the internal journals from various perspectives such as management, technology, research and development, so as to guide the work. All staff, especially correspondents, should calm down and read more books. Only by reading can we enrich, enrich and mature ourselves, learn to think after precipitation, constantly improve our cultural literacy, and write flowing articles.

Bi always stressed that publicity and reporting work should have strong news sensitivity, excavate materials and organizational materials around the company's annual key work and tremendous changes, grasp the purpose of articles serving enterprises at all times, and make publicity and reporting a booster for the development of enterprises.