Jixin High Temperature won the Excellent Enterprise Award of the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (National Competition Area)

On November 23, the industry finals of the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition came to an end in Ningbo. Jinzhou Jixin High Temperature Material Co., Ltd. represented Liaoning Province in the finals of the New Material Industry Competition and won the "excellent enterprise" of the growth group. This honor is also the first breakthrough since our city participated in the 7th Competition.

China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is a national entrepreneurship competition with the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation, Achievement" co-directed by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education. It has been successfully held for seven sessions since 2012, and is now the highest standard, largest scale and most influential double entrepreneurship competition in China.

November 19-23 is a five-day national tournament, which is exciting and continuous. On the 22nd, the semi-final kicked off and 185 participating enterprises were divided into six growth enterprises and two start-up enterprises. Each contestant has 8 minutes of road show introduction and 7 minutes of interactive question and answer time, and is judged by five judges. The first two places in the growth group and the first three places in the start-up group were promoted to the finals, and 74 excellent enterprises were produced at the same time.

Through elaborate preparation of PPT road show and brilliant speech and reply on the spot, our company tries its best to show all the entries to experts for evaluation, and has won high recognition. Eventually, our company's participating project "Using chromium smelting slag to produce fused corundum, fused chromium corundum and chromium corundum bricks for Australian furnace" won the excellent enterprise award of the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition New Material Industry Growth Enterprise Group. On the same day, Yan Tianyu, deputy director of the Torch Center Fund Reception Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and other leaders awarded excellent enterprise honor medals to 74 participants.

The high attention and support of the company's leadership is an important prerequisite for winning the competition, which stimulates Jixin's high-temperature enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship to a greater extent. This honor not only shows the scientific research and innovation achievements of Jinzhou Jixin High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd., but also strengthens the confidence of innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation is the driving force of national development and world progress, and also the key to enterprise development. Jixin High Temperature will continue to innovate and grow in innovation.