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The Party Committee of the Company held a Congress to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Party and to commend it.

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On June 28, the Party Committee of the Company held a Congress to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in the conference room on the 8th floor. 88 members of the Party Committee, all members of the Party, middle managers of non-Party members and activists joined the Party participated in the congress. Bi Yingwei, a member of the Party Committee, read out the Decision of the Party Committee of the Company on the Recognition of Advanced Party Branches and Excellent Party Members and Party Affairs Workers. Tian Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee, delivered an enthusiastic speech. The Congress is presided over by Jin Feng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.

At the beginning of the congress, all Party members stood solemnly. Faced with the pledge of joining the Party, they solemnly raised their right hand, clenched their fists and followed the members of the Party Committee to review the pledge of joining the Party. The voice was loud and loud, as if it had returned to the surging moments when we joined the Party many years ago.

The conference commended the Smelting Slag Party Branch as an advanced Party Branch; 8 comrades such as Fu Kun were excellent Party members, and 5 comrades such as Chen Hong were excellent Party workers. Representatives of outstanding Party members and advanced Party branches made statements at the conference.

In his speech, Tian Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee, reviewed the glorious course of the CPC in 1997, highly summarized the brilliant achievements made by the Party in 1997, and put forward higher requirements for all Party branches and all Party members, non-Party middle managers and activists joining the Party.

One is to carry forward the work style of continuous operations and show new achievements in production, operation and management; the other is to carry out the call of Party committees and seek new ideas in solving the practical difficulties of employees; the third is to know responsibility and act bravely and show new image in dedication.

It is hoped that the recognized advanced collectives and outstanding individuals will cherish their honor, be modest and prudent, and make further efforts to create new achievements. The conference calls on the company to actively create a strong atmosphere of learning advanced and keeping abreast of excellence, to keep in mind the purpose of serving the staff wholeheartedly, to love and work hard, and to strive for first-class.