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The company holds the 2017 Work and Recognition Conference

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On the morning of April 1, Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. held its 2017 working conference and 2016 annual commendation Conference on the second floor of the staff canteen. Members of the leading group of the company were seated at the rostrum, and 192 employees from various units and departments of the company participated in the meeting. The meeting is presided over by Jin Feng, deputy general manager of the company.

All the participants listened carefully to the work report of General Manager Tian Gang. The report summarizes and affirms the achievements of the company's work in 2016, makes a penetrating analysis of the current serious situation facing the company, and defines the goal of the struggle in 2017 and the direction of future efforts. According to the report, in 2017, the company's business objectives are to achieve a total industrial output value of 199 million yuan, a business income of 252 million yuan, a net profit of 9.5 million yuan, an annual per capita income growth of 7 percentage points over the same period of last year, and a steady increase in welfare benefits.

In order to successfully accomplish the business objectives, the report makes an overall arrangement for the key work in 2017 from eight aspects. Firstly, we should base ourselves on traditional industries and strive for the survival of enterprises; secondly, we should accelerate the pace of transformation and the development of enterprises; thirdly, we should further improve the management system and speed up the construction of modern enterprises; fourthly, we should strengthen the team building and gradually form a sound incentive mechanism; fifthly, we should constantly grasp the construction of enterprise culture; and sixth, we should take advantage of the trend of revitalizing the real economy. To promote the implementation of policies; to eliminate the hidden dangers of environmental protection thoroughly and continue to ensure safe production; and to ensure the progress of capital investment by means of financial platform.

The conference commended 27 excellent managers and employees who won the 2016 Special Contribution Award.

Major leaders of the production department, the security barrel industry company, the high temperature materials company, the metallurgical and chemical company, the commercial and trade company and outstanding staff representatives spoke at the meeting, expressing their determination to implement the spirit of the meeting, complete the work tasks of the unit in 2017, and their confidence to make new achievements based on their positions.

At 10.30 a.m., the General Assembly successfully concluded in a united and progressive atmosphere.

This conference is a successful one that recognizes the situation, inspires morale and motivates people. The conference calls on all units and departments to earnestly implement the spirit of the conference, build up confidence, overcome difficulties, forge ahead and strive tenaciously in accordance with the goals and tasks set by the conference, ensure the successful completion of all work tasks throughout the year, and compose a brilliant chapter for the development of the company.