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The company attends the 2017 Vanadium Products Summit

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Recently, the 2017 Vanadium Products Summit hosted by China Ferroalloy Online was held in Hangzhou. The Vanadium Industry Summit is the most popular event in the Vanadium Industry, which has received unanimous praise from the vast number of people in the industry. Chaifeng, deputy general manager of the company, and relevant personnel of the commercial and trade company attended the meeting.

At the meeting, a large number of vanadium enterprises gathered in the country to discuss the development prospects of the vanadium industry in depth, and exchanged views on the problems existing in the current vanadium industry. In this meeting, our company was selected as the award of "the most potential development enterprise in China vanadium industry in 2017". The award greatly enhanced our company's corporate image, and also marked that our products have been widely recognized in the industry, and the product competitiveness has entered a new stage.