The "Jixin Cup" Liaoning Basketball Match Successfully Ends

    The autumn atmosphere of the earth is gradually deepening, and the popularity of basketball is not decreasing! On September 10th, the "Jixin Cup" named by the company, Liaoning Bengang and Shenzhen Marco Polo 2023 Summer Basketball Tournament (Jinzhou Station), ignited in the Jinzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Gymnasium. After four intense competitions, the Liaoning men's basketball team ultimately defeated the Shenzhen men's basketball team 88-81, marking the successful conclusion of the entire series with one victory.

    Before the competition, the company carefully planned the event preparation plan, making full use of promotional media such as home floor stickers, electronic scrolling screens, and promotional boards within the stadium to fully showcase the company's enterprising corporate image and promote the tourism resources of Huanren Longxiang Island in Benxi. At the same time, the company also specially purchased tickets for its employees and formed a cheering team of nearly 100 people. They wore the Liaoning Basketball Green Champion Shirt and held the company flag, Liaoning Basketball flag, and cheering hands to help and shout for Liaoning Basketball on site.

    At 19:30, amidst the anticipation and cheers of the fans, the company's general manager Tian Yile jumped the ball for the two teams, marking the official start of the summer basketball match between Liaoning and Shenzhen men's basketball teams.

   During the competition, the two teams competed and fought hard, demonstrating their enterprising spirit and strong cohesion. The exhibition center gymnasium is filled with a sea of people, full of seats, and the audience is enthusiastic, cheering and shouting for the players. The cheering slogans of "Ben Gang team cheers, Liaoning team will win" and "One, two, three, four, I love Liaoning basketball" resounded throughout the entire gymnasium.

   The successful holding of this competition not only showcases the company's good social image, enhances its visibility and social influence, but also showcases the positive and upward spirit of Jinzhou Jixin employees, further enhancing their cohesion and sense of belonging. Employees of the company expressed their gratitude for providing the opportunity to watch the Liao basketball game at home. We need to learn from the fighting spirit of "never say die" of Liao basketball and transform it into a strong work motivation, making our modest contribution to the development of the company and Jinzhou.