Vice Mayor Miao Zhengge and his delegation visited the company for research

   On November 4th, Miao Zhengge, Vice Mayor of Jinzhou City, Zhao Qiang, Standing Committee Member and Deputy District Mayor of Taihe District Committee, and Zhao Zhanwei, Deputy Director of Tanghezi Development Zone Management Committee visited the company for a visit and research. The company's General Manager Tian Yile, Deputy General Manager Chen Song, and General Manager Assistant Zhang Zhixiang accompanied relevant unit leaders for the discussion.

   General Manager Tian Yile reported to the leaders on the company's production and operation, development planning, and other work, and had in-depth exchanges with the attending leaders on the difficult issues in the company's high-quality development process. The general manager of the company, Tian Yile, stated that over the years, with the strong support of the governments at all levels in Jinzhou City and the Tanghezi Industrial Park, the company has overcome the adverse market factors such as the continuous decline of the overall economy and fierce industry competition. It has accurately positioned and made scientific decisions, implemented the construction of chromium series full process industrial chain projects, followed the path of green, low-carbon, and environmental protection development, and always adhered to the strategy of promoting enterprises through technology and talent.

   Miao Zhengge fully affirmed the achievements of the company over the years. He hoped that the company would continue to adhere to technological leadership, maintain its leading position in the industry, further clarify its development ideas, continue to implement national environmental protection and "carbon neutrality" requirements while continuing to promote the construction of new chromium series projects, and gradually try to explore a new path in the treatment of smelting slag, leading the industry and fully promoting the company's development to a new level.