Zhang Bo, Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Liaoning Polytechnic University, and his delegation visited the company for research and inspection

   On the afternoon of November 3rd, Zhang Bo, the dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Liaoning University of Technology, and a delegation of three visited our company for a research and discussion. Chen Song, Deputy General Manager of the company, Liu Qing, Director of the Comprehensive Management Department, and other relevant personnel attended and participated in the exchange.

   At the symposium, Liu Qing, the Minister of Comprehensive Management Department, introduced the development process of the enterprise and the demand for technical and skilled personnel for chromium metal expansion and upgrading projects. Both parties jointly discussed how to solve the problem of talent required for the project and proposed many constructive solutions. At the same time, both sides stated that they will further carry out multi-level, multi-form, and multi-disciplinary cooperation and exchange, and work together to cultivate talents. Finally, accompanied by Vice General Manager Chen Song and others, Director Zhang and his delegation visited some of the production workshops and products of the company's metallurgical company.

   This inspection provides an opportunity for the development of school enterprise cooperation. The company hopes to achieve organic integration and optimized allocation of school enterprise resources with universities in the future, and achieve win-win development!