District Party Secretary Zhang Xuedong led a team to conduct visits and research activities in the company

    On the afternoon of October 10th, District Party Secretary Zhang Xuedong and the main leaders of Nunhe Street went to the company to conduct a visit and research activity. The company's General Manager Tian Yile and Deputy General Manager Chen Song accompanied the research discussion.

    At the symposium, General Manager Tian Yile reported on the progress of the company's new projects, enterprise operations, market sales, and enterprise doubling. After understanding the relevant situation, Zhang Xuedong, the secretary of the district committee, coordinated and solved the key issues in the production and operation of the enterprise on site.

    Zhang Xuedong pointed out that as a key enterprise in Taihe District, Jinzhou Jixin must strengthen market confidence, leverage its own advantages, enhance core competitiveness, accelerate project construction progress, actively expand the market, and continue to make efforts in the fourth quarter to contribute more to the comprehensive revitalization of Taihe District, making new breakthroughs and winning the first battle. At the same time, Zhang Xuedong emphasized that relevant government departments will continue to fully understand the needs of enterprises, establish a strong sense of service, unswervingly promote the doubled development of enterprises, focus on key and difficult points, strengthen precise services, actively help enterprises solve difficulties, effectively enhance the development momentum of the park, and drive regional development with industrial development.