The company participated in the distribution of love items and the awarding ceremony of love enterprises

    On September 27th, the Jinzhou Charity Federation held a charity item distribution and charity enterprise awarding ceremony at Baitaizi Town Central Primary School in Linghai City, titled "Helping Rural Revitalization and Warm Rural Primary School Charity Donation". Chen Song, Deputy General Manager of the company, was invited to participate in this event on behalf of the company.

    At 9:30 am, a simple and meaningful charity item distribution event was officially held at Baitaizi Town Central Primary School in Linghai City. Dozens of charity enterprises donated charity desks, chairs, reading books, sports equipment and other related items to the students. Representatives of love had a friendly conversation with the children at the event site, gaining a detailed understanding of their learning and living conditions, encouraging them to study hard and become pillars of the country in the future. Subsequently, during the enterprise licensing ceremony, the company was awarded the honorary plaque of "Love Donation Unit" by the Jinzhou Charity Federation.

    Throughout, the company has always harbored a high sense of social responsibility and mission, actively participating in public welfare undertakings, and practicing corporate social responsibility through practical actions. In the future, Jinzhou Jixin will continue to make every effort to respond to the call and contribute to the high-quality development of social public welfare undertakings through its modest efforts in assisting students in poverty alleviation and other public welfare undertakings.