The company held the sixth employee congress of the fifth session

    At 9 o'clock on September 26th, the company held the sixth employee representative conference of the fifth session in the third conference room of the Jixin office building. More than 50 people, including General Manager Tian Yile, Vice General Manager Gao Hongjun, Chen Song, and employee representatives, attended the meeting, with the chairman of the company's labor union, Chen Song, presiding over the meeting.

    At the preparatory meeting, the employee representatives listened to the company's general manager Tian Yile's report on the preparation work for the employee representative conference and the situation of the employee representatives, and reviewed and approved the list of members of the presidium and the agenda of the conference.

    At the formal meeting, Vice General Manager Gao Hongjun delivered a speech on behalf of the company, emphasizing the significant significance of continuously establishing and improving various rules and regulations for the company's development. The employee representatives raised their hands to vote and passed the "Measures for Voting, Election, and Evaluation of the Employee Congress" and the list of directors and scrutineers. At the meeting, the focus was on interpreting the "Employee Reward and Punishment Management System (Draft)", and the representatives of the attending employees fully promoted the spirit of democracy and conscientiously fulfilled their responsibilities. The attending employee representatives fulfilled their democratic management powers in accordance with the law and unanimously passed the draft system through voting.

    Next, the company will comprehensively promote and widely promote the implementation of systems and measures, ensure that they are implemented and effective, motivate employees to unify their thinking, will, and actions, continuously achieve new breakthroughs and achieve new results in their work, and gather strength to write a new chapter of high-quality development for the company.