The company distributes Mid-Autumn Festival welfare goods to all employees

    On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day, the company has sent full blessings and holiday gifts to all employees. On the afternoon of September 27th, vehicles carrying company welfare products slowly drove into the factory area, and rice, white flour, and edible oil were gradually unloaded for on-site distribution. The joy of the employees was evident, and the company was filled with a warm and harmonious festive atmosphere.

    In order to provide employees with safe, healthy, and reassuring mooncakes, the company meticulously prepares, mixes, presses, and bakes the golden "Jixin Brand" mooncakes. Meanwhile, this year, on the basis of traditional five kernel and red bean paste fillings, two new flavors of mooncakes, granular red dates and pepper and salt, have been added to fully meet the diverse needs of employees.

    In addition, the company also distributed homemade red wine to each employee. A delicious and sweet mooncake, bottles of sweet and sour red wine, barrels of golden rapeseed oil, and bags of heavy rice noodles carry the company's deep blessings to employees and their families, conveying the company's meticulous care.

    For many years, the company has continuously implemented a series of welfare policies, making employees feel real warmth and providing a strong driving force for the company's development. The distribution of Mid-Autumn Festival welfare goods warmed the hearts of employees. Everyone's faces were brimming with happiness. They said that the enterprise regarded employees as relatives, and we should regard the enterprise as our own home. We must turn the company's care into work motivation, and invest in work with more enthusiasm, higher morale, and more solid style to show new achievements and make unremitting efforts for the long-term development of the company.