The company successfully held the online get-together of "Money Rabbit"

   A new house is opened from the beginning, and new pictures are drawn. At 19:30 on January 19th, the online get-together of Jinzhou Jixin "Money Rabbit" was officially opened in a cheerful and full of flavor of the year. The company's management and all employees gathered together to welcome the new year and celebrate the holiday.

   In order to thank you for your hard work and unremitting efforts in 2022, the company specially arranged this online party. The company carefully prepared a series of exquisite prizes such as Huawei tablet computer, smart watch, multifunctional cooking pot, electric rice cooker and so on. In order to let employees better participate in it, this online get-together is divided into two parts: the warm-up stage and the formal party. On January 16, 17 and 18, a round of warm-up activities will be held at noon every day, mainly including three rounds of game interaction, two rounds of lucky draw and the fight for lucky money. On the evening of January 19, a formal online get-together party was held, which included the general manager's speech, the company's New Year's video, the "Perfect" game interaction, the song "Congratulations on Getting Rich", the lucky draw and the company's chairman and general manager's red envelopes.

   At first, Tian Yile, the general manager of the company, delivered a new year speech online. In his speech, Mr. Tian summarized the achievements of the company in 2022, looked forward to the development goals in 2023, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the people of the company for their perseverance, selfless dedication and joint efforts, and sent the blessing of the new year to all the people.

   Among them, the "Perfect" game is composed of 10 small games, including safety knowledge, online hot games, random work photos, quick guess of company equipment and location, gratitude and blessings. Employees actively participate in the interaction, including quick response, careful answer, ironic answer, melodious singing, busy night work photos, tearful thanksgiving voice, and unforgettable blessings

   The cover of Andy Lau's classic New Year song "Congratulations on getting rich", brought by "Caizi Tiantuan", brought unexpected surprises and extremely sincere wishes for the new year to all leaders and staff of the company.

   The exciting "lucky draw" part of the online get-together ignited the whole atmosphere of the online get-together, with excited voice, nervous waiting, and happy expression after winning the prize. In this lottery, 58 prizes were drawn from each WeChat group, taking the meaning of "2023 company sends, I send". The announcement of the special prize made the atmosphere of the audience reach the boiling point. Finally, business company Yang Cheng and Jixin High Temperature Feng Jianwen won the special prize of the company's "Golden Rabbit" online get-together, and one Huawei tablet computer.

   It is worth mentioning that the employees of our group are not only outstanding in work, but also versatile in life. We were deeply impressed by the "Happy Year of China" by Liu Shuang of Jixin High Temperature, the "Always Go Home" by Liu Chunhui of Metallurgical Company, and the "This Life Just to Meet You" by Ju Bin of Jixin High Temperature. We felt the strong flavor of the year and the harmony and happiness of the big family of Jixin. The bass performance of Zhao Huiyong of the inspection and security company, "Rain in March", the dance of Liu Qingzhu of the chrome metal company, "Little Immortals", and the "Rice Fragrance" of Li Jianan of the finance department, all of us were more impressed, and we felt the youth and vitality of our employees.

   Finally, Tian Gang, the chairman of the company, and Tian Yile, the general manager of the company, opened the peak of this online get-together, which was a big red envelope delivery event. The full red envelope carries the company's leaders' affectionate hospitality, and the WeChat group is flying and dancing online to send the good luck of the Year of the Rabbit to all employees. The party ended successfully in the full screen of fireworks, thanks and blessings of all staff.

   Plum brings fragrance to stay in spring, and wine is full of wine to say a good year. In the new year, opportunities and challenges coexist, cultivation and harvest coexist, honor and dream go hand in hand, responsibility and responsibility go hand in hand. In 2023, we will be full of passion and full of power. We will work together to achieve new goals with high morale and create new brilliance!

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