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Jixin high temperature project was awarded the third prize of Liaoning science and technology progress award

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In order to give full play to the incentive and guiding role of science and technology awards, focus on the construction of major platforms for scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the dominant position of enterprise innovation, encourage enterprises to strive to solve the "neck" problem and further promote the integration of science, technology and industry, in June this year, Liaoning Provincial Department of science and technology officially launched the nomination of science and technology awards of Liaoning Province in 2021.
After receiving the notice, relevant personnel of Jixin high temperature immediately began to prepare and form relevant professional materials for the project "recycling and harmless circular economy ecology of metal chromium smelting" and submit them to Jinzhou science and Technology Bureau. After the Liaoning Provincial Department of science and technology organized relevant experts to conduct preliminary review, joint evaluation and final review, 219 scientific and technological progress award projects were finally announced in mid December, and Jixin high temperature won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of Liaoning Province.
The award is the recognition of Liaoning Province for the company's decades of unswerving commitment to the resource and harmless development of metal chromium smelting slag, and also the affirmation of the company's hard work for generations to explore an innovative road in difficulties. At present, the industrialization of high carbon metal chromium vacuum decarbonization process has been basically completed, which indicates that the company has supplemented the last link of the industrial chain of resource utilization and harmless application of metal chromium smelting slag. The project has successfully solved the problem of environmental pollution of metal chromium smelting slag and contributed to the construction of energy conservation, environmental protection and circular economy in Liaoning Province and even the whole country.