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Our company is invited to conduct pre competition training for Liaoning enterprises participating in China Innovation Competition

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On October 12, 2019, at the invitation of Liaoning Provincial Department of science and technology, Gao Hongjun, assistant general manager of the company and general manager of Jixin high temperature, served as the special training expert before the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition organized by the provincial department. At the same time, three other enterprise representatives who have made outstanding achievements in previous competitions and experts from Liaoning equity trading center and Liaoning Shengjin investment company were invited to participate. There are 11 enterprises that have been trained to qualify for the national championship.

At the training meeting, firstly, the representatives of previous participating enterprises shared and exchanged their experience and experience, including the participation process and precautions, etc.; secondly, four enterprises participating in the finals of the biomedical industry conducted ppt simulation roadshow, and the participating experts commented and exchanged opinions and suggestions on the modification. Deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Department of science and technology opened a summary speech of the training meeting, and announced that the four enterprise representatives present have entered the expert panel of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Liaoning competition area). This invitation not only confirms our company, but also increases our company's external influence.