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Jixin High Temperature Convening Technology Exchange of Fused Corundum and Chromium Corundum Products

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On August 21, 2019, Jixin High Temperature organized a technical exchange on the application of fused corundum and chromium corundum products in Longxiang Island, Huanren. General Manager Tian Gang, Vice General Manager Bi Yingwei, Assistant General Manager, General Manager Gao Hongjun, General Manager of Jixin High Temperature, and relevant staff of Jixin High Temperature attended the meeting. More than 40 people from 26 fused corundum cooperation units were invited to attend the meeting.

In the past year, Jixin High Temperature has brought its own new product, fused corundum, to the market. In order to better meet the diversified needs of customers, in-depth exploration of the advantages and disadvantages of our products and application areas, and further improve the production technology of products, Jixin High Temperature carefully organized the technical exchange.

The exchange meeting started on time at 8:30 a.m. on August 21. Bi Yingwei, deputy general manager, assistant general manager, Gao Hongjun, general manager of Jixin High Temperature Company, introduced the company and Dr. Zhao Pengda, Jixin High Temperature Company, made an analysis report on the properties of fused corundum. At the meeting, representatives of various manufacturers raised technical questions on the contents of the report, during which Professor Liang Yonghe of Wuhan University of Science and Technology gave professional answers, and the atmosphere was very active. Engineers from Anshan Ao'an Refractories Co., Ltd., Jinan New Emei Refractories Co., Ltd., Dashiqiao Weiming Refractories Co., Ltd., Dashiqiao Guancheng Refractories Co., Ltd., Yingkou Sitong High Temperature New Materials Co., Ltd. and Henan Hegel Refractories Co., Ltd. introduced their units respectively. Application of fused corundum. Finally, we express our opinions on the problems in the use of fused corundum, the technical characteristics and market positioning of fused corundum, and make a comprehensive analysis of the feasibility of the application of chromium carbide in refractories.

Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. The convening of the technology exchange meeting of fused corundum made the customers know more about the new products of Jixin High Temperature, stimulated the customers'interest in new products, pointed out the future production and sales direction, and promoted the technical improvement and innovation of Jixin High Temperature. In addition, the full preparation of Jixin High Temperature for this meeting has shortened the distance between the company and its customers. Customers appreciate the professional service of Jixin High Temperature, which has improved the company's image and influence in refractory industry and played a positive role in promoting the development of Jixin High Temperature.