Huanren Longxiang Island Hotel

The company is located in Liaoning Huanren Manchu autonomous County famous tourist attraction Huilong Lake Hunjiang River in the heart of Longxiang Island. The island covers an area of more than 70,000 square meters, surrounded by water and beautiful scenery. Longxiang Island Hotel set accommodation, catering, meeting, leisure, entertainment in one, is the ideal place for family vacation, friends gathering, is the company group building, parent-child activities of choice, but also relax mood, enjoy life warm harbor. Longxiang Island resort base has a unique geographical location and climate, is the best breeding place for wild bees, wild bees in the mountains all year round to collect a variety of flower sources, over the years, thus brewing wild honey can be described as "honey treasure" also known as "honey emperor"; At the same time, the mountain resort base produces wild mountain wine, which is delicious and sweet and has been praised by customers.