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In order to accelerate the high-quality development of enterprises in the field of intellectual property, on the morning of May 31st, Chen Dong, Deputy Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, led a team to visit the company to carry out a research activity to assist enterprises. During the research process, Deputy Director Chen Dong went deep into the workshop to gain an on-site understanding of the company's production situation.
Subsequently, a symposium was held with the company's General Manager Tian Yile, Deputy General Manager Chen Song, and relevant personnel. At the meeting, Deputy Director Chen Dong explained in detail the policies related to enterprise standardization and patent industrialization, providing valuable learning and exchange opportunities for attendees. He also provided targeted suggestions and guidance based on the actual situation of the enterprise, encouraging enterprises to enhance their awareness of intellectual property protection, introduce advanced technologies and talents, and enhance their independent innovation capabilities.
General Manager Tian Yile is very grateful to the leaders of the Municipal Administration for Market Regulation for their care and support to the company, especially for their emphasis on the high-quality development of the enterprise in terms of intellectual property. He also raised some difficulties and problems that the company has encountered in intellectual property protection, hoping that the Municipal Administration for Market Regulation can provide more guidance and assistance. The company will actively cooperate with the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, further strengthen communication and cooperation, and jointly promote the enterprise to achieve a higher level of development in intellectual property.