Zhao Kai, Executive Vice President of China Circular Economy Association, led a team to conduct a follow-up visit

On May 24th, Zhao Kai, Executive Vice President of the China Circular Economy Association, led a team to visit the company for a follow-up inspection. The company's General Manager Tian Yile, Deputy General Manager Chen Song, and relevant personnel warmly welcomed the visiting VIPs.
Under the guidance of General Manager Tian Yile, Executive Vice President Zhao Kai and his delegation went deep into the company's production site and visited the production workshops of refractory products and metallic chromium products. During this period, General Manager Tian Yile provided a detailed introduction to the company's unique production process and the progress of new projects, especially the full process production mode of chain extension and replenishment that will be implemented after reaching production.
Zhao Kai, Executive Vice President, highly appreciated the company's production process and new projects, and pointed out that circular economy is one of the important ways to achieve sustainable development. He stated that the China Circular Economy Association will actively support the company's development in the field of circular economy, promote more enterprises to join the ranks of circular economy, and jointly promote green, low-carbon, and circular development.
Subsequently, the two sides held a symposium in the conference room, conducting in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development trends, policy environment, technological innovation, and other aspects of the circular economy. General Manager Tian Yile stated that the company will actively respond to the national call, increase investment and research and development efforts in the field of circular economy, and promote the company's development towards higher quality, greenery, and sustainability.
This follow-up inspection activity not only deepened the understanding and friendship between both parties, but also provided new ideas and opportunities for the future development of the company. The company will continue to adhere to the development concept of "green, circular, and low-carbon", and contribute its own efforts to promote the development of circular economy.