The company's employees were awarded the honorary title of "Jinzhou Craftsman"

In order to fully implement the spirit of the talent work conference of the Central, Provincial and Municipal Party Committees, deeply implement the "Xingjin Talent Plan", and continuously strengthen the construction of the high skilled talent team in Jinzhou City, the Jinzhou City Federation of Trade Unions issued a notice in March on carrying out the "Jinzhou Craftsman" naming activity in accordance with the work deployment of the Municipal Party Committee.
After receiving the notice, the company actively implemented and screened layer by layer according to the document requirements. After passing the company's initial review and following relevant democratic procedures, two employee candidates were reported. In the end, the company employee Zhao Li was awarded the honorary title of "Jinzhou Craftsman" in the category of specialized technical talents.
Zhao Li, female, born in October 1982, graduated from Liaoning University of Technology with a major in Chemical Engineering and Technology, and is a senior engineer. Elected as a representative of the 17th Jinzhou Municipal Technical People's Congress in 2021. I am currently a professional engineer at Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. Responsible for the development process technology management, quality management, and new process transformation of chemical new products in the company. Having worked for over a decade, he has become a star employee of the company with his outstanding technical skills and dedication.
"Jinzhou Craftsmen" are a microcosm of high skilled talents from various industries in Jinzhou. They are persistent in focus, striving for excellence, meticulous, and pursuing excellence, fully demonstrating the spirit of craftsmanship in the new era. The election of the company's employees this time is a strong witness to the company's emphasis on various talent cultivation and construction, concern for employee career growth, ability development, and promotion of high-quality development of the talent team. It demonstrates the company's technical strength, wins honors for the enterprise, and plays a positive role in showcasing and inheriting the "craftsman spirit".
Next, the company will take the "Jinzhou Craftsman" selection as an opportunity to create a good atmosphere for learning from model workers and craftsmen, inspire employees to take the path of skill success and skill service to the country, inject the craftsmanship spirit of "dedication, lean, focus, and innovation" as the core, combine with the professional ethics of "love for work, dedication, and enthusiastic service", cultivate employees' love for their profession and respect for their work, maintain norms and rigor in the work process, and take every product and service seriously. Promote the spirit of model workers, labor, and craftsmanship, and contribute once again to the transformation and upgrading of Jinzhou Jixin and the high-quality development of the regional economy!