The company vacuum furnace position practical operation skills competition successfully ended

On April 17, Chromium Metal company held the vacuum furnace position practical operation skills competition in the vacuum workshop, the company's general manager Tian Yile, deputy general manager Chen Song, general manager assistant Zhang Zhixiang and other relevant personnel of the unit leaders came to the scene to cheer for the contestants. There were 4 teams and 12 players in the competition. The competition includes two electric forklift lifting and lifting skills, aiming to comprehensively test the professional skills of the players and the ability to cope with emergencies. The atmosphere of the competition scene is warm and tense, and the players are full of spirit and fighting spirit. In the process of the competition, they gave full play to the ability and level of handling emergencies in the face of normal work, handled calmly, did not mess up in the face of crisis, and showed superb skill and operation level and tacit team spirit. After fierce competition, the team of Class C, composed of Li Wei, Hong Tao and Hou Feng, stood out and won the championship of this competition. Their outstanding performance not only won the recognition and praise of the judges and the audience, but also inspired more employees to continuously improve their skill level. The success of the contest not only fully demonstrated the skills of the employees of the chromium metal company, but also further enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the employees. At the same time, the competition also injected new vitality and motivation for the future development of the company. I believe that in the coming days, these employees will continue to play their professional skills and teamwork spirit, and contribute more to the development of the company.