Jixin Property has won multiple honors in the city's "Red Property" project

In order to play a leading role in demonstrating the Party building brand of "Red Property" and continuously improve the level of property management services, in December 2023, the Jinzhou Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of the Communist Party of China organized two new industry committees to carry out a selection activity for the creation of "Red Property". After selection and on-site research, the results of the selection were officially announced in March 2024, and Jinzhou Jixin Property Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Red Property Service Enterprise" in Jinzhou City; The ferroalloy community has been awarded the title of "Red Property Service Project" in Jinzhou City; Manager Bi Qingmin of Jinzhou Jixin Property Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of "Red Property Manager".
In order to promote the organic integration of grassroots party building work and community property services, Jixin Property comprehensively improves the quality level of community property services, effectively achieves the call of the people and our response, and comprehensively creates a "red property" brand led by party building. At the same time, actively communicate with government departments, apply for policies that benefit the people, carry out renovation of old residential areas in E, F, and D areas of the ferroalloy community, and include ferroalloy A area in the 2024 renovation project of old residential areas. In addition, renovation and upgrading of the heating pipelines and main heating lines in Building 104 residential buildings.
Using "red property" to light up the hearts of the people has brought many new changes to the ferroalloy community, making it more attractive and livable. Under the guidance of the red party building, Jixin Property will continue to upgrade its service quality, enhance the happiness and sense of belonging of homeowners, and continue to contribute to the harmonious community and warm living.