The company held an online gathering called "Dragon's Journey to Prosperity"

   Fu Tu bid farewell to the old spring and bloomed with joy, while Long Teng brought a new atmosphere for the new year. On February 7th at 19:00, the online gathering of Jinzhou Jixin's "Dragon Walking, Everything Prosperous" officially kicked off amidst the festive music. The management and all employees of the company gathered together to welcome the new year and discuss the future together.
   In 2023, all employees of the company united and worked hard to achieve various established goals. The achievement comes from everyone's unremitting efforts and hard work. In order to thank everyone for their hard work and unremitting efforts, the company leaders have specially arranged this online gala. The company has carefully prepared a series of exquisite prizes for employees, including a 65 inch smart TV, floor scrubber, dynamic bike, and rice cooker, for this online gathering. In order to better involve employees, this online gathering is divided into two parts: a warm-up stage and a formal evening party. On February 5th and 6th, there will be a warm-up activity at noon every day, mainly consisting of 3 rounds of game interaction, 2 rounds of lucky draw, and a competition for lucky red envelopes. On the evening of February 7th, a formal online gala will be held, which will include a New Year's speech by the General Manager, a company New Year's greeting video, an interactive game called "Eight Directions to Wealth", the legendary song "Song Crossfire" from the era, talent exhibitions from various units, speaking out loud about love, lucky draw, and red envelopes from company leaders. In order to make employees feel a strong New Year's atmosphere and receive more benefits, on the basis of the 2023 online gathering, this year's online gathering has expanded the number of lottery winners, increased the frequency of distributing lucky red envelopes, and added talent exhibitions and "love" to be loudly expressed in various units.
   In order to give back to the hard work and dedication of all employees in their respective positions over the past year, Tian Yile, the General Manager of the company, first delivered a New Year speech at the online celebration, sending New Year's greetings to all personnel.
   Among them, the "Ba Fang Lai Cai" game consists of 8 small games, covering quality knowledge, classic songs, casual work photos, key engineering projects of the company, important provincial competitions of the company, gratitude and blessings, and other content. The employees are enthusiastic and actively involved. This year's topic design features our planning team's "Beware of the Machine". During the participation process, employees stepped on the pitfalls one after another, with hilarious "Beware of the Machine" answering, biased answering directions, non funny answers, melodious and melodious singing, busy night videos of sticking to their posts, and blessings full of poetry, painting, and strong love
   The "Legend of the Era" group formed by Jixin in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s brought "Song Crossfire", allowing leaders and all employees of the company to relive the unique charm of each special era, and also sending them extremely sincere New Year greetings.
   The exciting "Lucky Lottery" segment of the online party ignited the atmosphere of the entire event. Exciting voices, tense waiting, and excited expressions after winning the prize kept popping up in the WeChat group. In this lottery, 88 prizes will be drawn from each WeChat group, symbolizing "2024 Spring Dragon Raises Head, Good Luck Ahead, and Prosperous Business". The unveiling of the special prize brought the atmosphere to a boiling point, and ultimately, Wang Jiancheng from the                       metallurgical company and Li Chuang from the material inspection center won the special prize at the company's "Dragon Walking, Everything is Prosperous" online party, with one 65 inch smart TV.
The employees of the company are not only outstanding in their work, but also versatile in their daily lives. The "Most Beloved Person+Subject 3+Tomorrow Will Be Better" dance and song series jointly brought by the trading company, production department, and finance department, the "Everyone Come Together+Lantern Festival+Love" dance series jointly brought by Jixin Property and Material Inspection Center, and the "Green Apple Paradise+Qinghai Shake" dance group jointly brought by Metallurgical Company, Barrel Industry Company, and Slag Company caught everyone's attention and couldn't help but dance to the rhythm. The Jixin High Temperature Art Troupe has brought you a classic sketch of Zhao Benshan's "Red Sorghum Model Team", allowing us to see the unique style of Jixin people in the interweaving of time and space in the classic reproduction; The song "Wishing You" by Chromium Metal Company expresses deep affection and good wishes to the company.
The newly added "Love" section this year, which needs to be spoken out loud, has brought us unprecedented shock and emotion. Tonight, with the night like water, it presents us with a literary feast, allowing us to deeply feel everyone's endless attachment to the company and the overflowing love on the screen.
   Finally, the company leaders launched the peak moment of this online gathering - joy descended from the sky and a red envelope delivery event. Full of red envelopes, bearing the great kindness of the company's leaders, WeChat groups fly and dance online to send the blessing of the the Year of the Loong to all employees. The evening party came to a successful conclusion amidst the full screen of gratitude, fireworks, and blessings from all employees.
   In the old year, a thousand pieces of brocade have been showcased, and in the new year, a hundred feet of pole has been advanced. In 2024, all employees of Jinzhou Jixin will bring laughter and emotion from the celebration, take the initiative to take on responsibilities, unite and unite, and strive to continue writing a new chapter of high-quality development in the new era.