Tong Shengqiang, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee and District Mayor, led a team to visit the company for research and discussion

   On the afternoon of January 22nd, Tong Shengqiang, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of the District Committee, Wang Wenlong, Director of the Emergency Management Bureau, Chi Zaifeng, Director of the District Market Supervision Administration, Wang Xiaonan, Captain of the District Fire Rescue Brigade, and Guan Ye, Secretary of the Daughter Township Party Committee, and Liu Jiawei, Deputy Director of the Tanghezi Economic Development Zone Management Committee, along with 10 others, visited the company to conduct research and discussions on safety production work. Vice General Manager Chen Song, Minister of Comprehensive Management Liu Qing, Minister of Finance Yu Jun, and Deputy Minister of Production Jin Yinan accompanied the discussion.
   At the symposium, Deputy General Manager Chen Song gave a brief report on the company's recent production and operation, safety production, and new project progress. Subsequently, Tong Shengqiang, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee and District Mayor, inquired about the implementation of the company's safety responsibility system, safety production measures, and emergency plan drills. He emphasized that we must firmly establish the concept of safe development, strengthen bottom line thinking, continue to carry out special actions to investigate and rectify safety hazards, strive to eliminate various accident hazards from the source, comprehensively improve safety management level, and promote the safe, efficient, and healthy development of enterprises.
   In the future, the company will continue to keep the alarm ringing, with higher standards, stricter requirements, and more practical work style, to continuously achieve new and greater results in safety production work.