The company won the second prize in the city's employee legal knowledge competition

   In order to strengthen the publicity and education of the rule of law among employees in the city, create a strong atmosphere of "respecting the law, learning the law, abiding by the law, and using the law", promote the majority of employees in the city to master legal knowledge, enhance their legal awareness, improve their legal quality, and promote the popularization of law during the "Eighth Five Year Plan" period, the Jinzhou Federation of Trade Unions The Jinzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice and the Jinzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security have decided to jointly carry out the 2023 "Revitalization as the Pioneer, I am the Pioneer" city wide employee legal knowledge competition in Jinzhou City.

   After the event notification was issued, the company strictly followed the notification documents and carefully organized the selection of personnel to participate in the competition. The competition includes mandatory questions, competitive questions, risk questions, and additional questions to comprehensively assess the legal thinking and legal literacy of the participants.

   On November 30th, a Jinzhou Jixin representative team was formed by three employees, Zhao Yang and Yi Yu from the Comprehensive Management Department, and Liu Chuan from the Production Department. In the final of the 2023 City wide Employee Legal Knowledge Competition, they stood out from a total of 108 participants from 36 participating teams in the city and won the second prize in the City wide Employee Legal Knowledge Competition.

   At the finals, they were full of energy, quick thinking, and calm. With solid pre competition preparation, superb theoretical literacy, and sincere teamwork spirit, they fully utilized their comprehensive qualities advantages such as knowledge reserves and on-site adaptability in the same stage competition. The style and level of the competition won applause from the audience, showcasing the good culture of Jinzhou Jixin employees in learning, understanding, using, and abiding by the law.

   The company will continue to organize various forms of legal education and publicity activities to further enhance the legal awareness of employees, guide them to become conscious followers and steadfast defenders of socialist rule of law, and effectively create a good environment of "handling affairs in accordance with the law, seeking legal solutions in case of difficulties, using legal methods to solve problems, and relying on legal means to resolve conflicts", to maintain a new situation of harmonious and stable development of the company.