The company organized excellent employees and outstanding middle management personnel to go to Longxiang Island for team building

   To further enhance team cohesion, improve collaboration ability, and stimulate employees' enthusiasm for life. On May 25th, the company organized 36 outstanding employees and outstanding managers to carry out team building activities on Longxiang Island in Huanren, Benxi.

Before departure, the company carefully designed the team building itinerary plan, actively purchased relevant materials, and purchased a unified orange red T-shirt. During the construction of the group, we were divided into four groups and visited Hetu Ala, Wunv Mountain, Wangtian Cave and Fenglin Valley. During the tour, we communicated cordially with each other; During the mountain climbing process, there are both young people who refuse to admit defeat in the competition to reach the top, as well as selfless support from colleagues. By competing to climb mountains and climb to the top, employees have unleashed their natural instincts, completely freeing themselves from the heavy workload, and alleviating the pressure brought about by work and life. Each scenic spot has its unique charm, greatly stimulating employees' interest in sightseeing and experiencing the beauty of nature and the profound history and culture.

   The first day of the trip is Fushun Hetu Ala City Scenic Area, the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty. Hetu Ala City is built on an east-west hill according to the trend, with steep cliffs, surrounded by water on three sides, easy to defend and difficult to attack. Here, everyone learned about the history and traditions of Manchu culture, and watched a prayer dance performance with folk characteristics.

   The next day, the company arranged to climb Mount Wunv and visit the Wangtian Cave Scenic Area. The main peak of Wunv Mountain is 824 meters above sea level, resembling a delicate green screen, surrounded by steep cliffs and towering cliffs. Enter the "Wunv Mountain History Museum", where the history of the Goguryeo people and the origin of Wunv Mountain City are presented. The scenery of Wunv Mountain is beautiful, with the unique flying peak on the mountain, and a deep and secluded line of sky and ravines, all of which are miraculously crafted. Everyone assisted each other and worked together to climb the Wunv Mountain General Platform. Looking around, Huanlong Lake sits at the foot of the mountain, making everyone feel proud and full of lofty aspirations.

  Next, everyone comes to the famous Wangtian Cave in Huanren, Benxi. The scenery inside the cave is charming, with various forms of stalactites, including stone forests, city walls, snow lotus, glaciers, fountains, waterfalls, and hidden rivers. The temperature difference inside and outside the cave is significant. Despite the scorching heat and scorching summer, the cool atmosphere inside the cave is still breathtaking, reminiscent of the ancient Chinese saying 'In May, the wind is cool on the Tianshan Mountains, and the sheep fur is half exposed over the Duanyang Mountains'. The unique temperature difference and legendary scenery have opened up employees' horizons, allowing them to experience the wonders of nature, full of passion for exploration and love for nature.

   On the third day, everyone arrived at the Maple Forest Valley Scenic Area, where the maple forest reflects the clear spring and the green trees cover the secluded valley. This scenic area integrates "forests, streams, oxygen bars, and maple leaves". The average temperature is around 20 ℃, the humidity is around 65%, the air is pure, and there are 50000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter. Being in it makes one's mind fresh, breathing comfortable, and feeling happy. At the foot of the mountain, young employees started running to the top mode, once again allowing us to feel the speed of "Jinzhou Jixin". In 35 minutes, everyone easily climbed to the Red Maple Peak. The rest of the personnel were not discouraged, cheering each other on, admiring the beautiful scenery while exchanging experiences, and slowly climbing towards the summit. Here, under the shade of thick green trees, the small stream twists and turns, gurgling and flowing, sometimes forming a waterfall, sometimes forming a pool. Cliffs, valleys, gentle slopes, canyons, stacked water, and boulders create a heavenly setting that complements the greenery with the fragrance of birds and flowers, making people feel relaxed and happy.

   Finally, the company organized a wonderful bonfire party on Longxiang Island. Everyone sat around the campfire, singing cheerful songs, dancing dynamic dances, and enjoying this beautiful night. The fireworks blooming in the air lit up the entire night sky, making employees feel infinite beauty and happiness. In addition, there are various interesting game segments that allow everyone to interact and communicate better, enhancing their relationship with each other.

   This team building activity not only allowed employees to relax and enhance team cohesion, but also made everyone feel the company's care for employees and the power of corporate culture. I believe that under the guidance of senior leaders in the company, employees will work harder and contribute their own strength to the development of the company.

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