The company holds the 2023 Work Conference and the 2022 Commendation Conference

   On March 16th, the company's 2023 work conference and 2022 recognition conference were held on the second floor of the employee canteen. More than 120 senior executives, senior consultants, middle managers, commendable personnel, and some key employees from various units of the company attended the meeting. The conference will be presided over by Vice General Manager Chen Song.

   At the meeting, General Manager Tian Yile delivered a work report titled "Pursuing Longevity and Realizing New Journey towards High Quality Development of the Company". The report first reviewed the main work in 2022. In the face of multiple tests such as sharp fluctuations in the global bulk commodity market, the continuous impact of the COVID-19, and the domestic economic downturn in 2022, with the joint efforts of all employees of the company, the company developed steadily in adversity, and achieved "double stability" and "double breakthroughs" in production, operation, and production safety.

   While summarizing experience and affirming achievements, the report points out the problems in production and operation work with a spirit of seeking truth from facts, and clarifies the goals for 2023 and the direction for future efforts. The report proposes that the production and operation guidelines for 2023 are: strengthening the main business, exploring and innovating, inspiring and enterprising, and practicing bravely.

   At the meeting, 4 outstanding middle management personnel and 25 outstanding employees were commended, and 18 people were announced to have won awards in provincial and municipal competitions. Outstanding employee representative Liu Lifeng, outstanding management representative Zhang Nan, and production and operation unit representative Song Jianyi delivered speeches at the conference.

   Finally, Chairman Tian Gang delivered a speech titled "Consolidating the Foundation, Seeking Innovation, Growing and Strengthening". The chairman fully affirmed the achievements and efforts made by all employees in 2022, objectively analyzed the current situation and problems faced by the company's development, proposed development plans from a strategic perspective, and comprehensively deployed key tasks to be implemented in 2023. The chairman emphasized that the long-term development of Jinzhou Jixin should be based on the current situation and strive for progress while maintaining stability; Focus on the future and strive for innovation. To establish a correct business philosophy and better coordinate development and safety. Efforts should be made to improve quality and efficiency, and innovate development. Putting people first, focusing on the responsibilities of the main business owners, strengthening work style construction, consolidating the foundation of development, and steadily improving performance.

   The conference ended in a harmonious and progressive atmosphere. Each unit should study diligently, deeply understand, and fully implement the spirit of Chairman Tian Gang and General Manager Tian Yile's report. With a high sense of responsibility and a full working state, we should fully promote the high-quality transformation and development of the company.

   Adhere to the principle of striving for success and starting a new journey, and only strive to truly inspire and start anew. We need to take this conference as a new starting point, solidly carry out various tasks, continuously create a new situation for the company's transformation and development, and make new contributions to achieving a new round of high-quality development of Jinzhou Jixin!

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